2015/16 Orientation Report

2015/16 Orientation Report

CADS Ontario volunteer orientation 2015/16Due to the lack of snow, the sessions we moved indoors to introduced new volunteers to both the adaptive equipment and techniques use in our programs covering sit-ski, teaching aids, outriggers for three and four track skiing, working with students with cognitive impairment, as well as discussions on duty of care and best practices when volunteering to help people with disability.

Thank you to Brian Smith and Rob Ogden from the Snow Valley program that helped to facilitate the indoor sessions.

Read more about the event from some local media coverage.

Jamie Spencer is happy to announce the following achievements that occurred at the Program Director’s Summit in December.

Level 3 Instructor Certification awarded to:

Completion of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Cognitive Impairment (ASDCI) Certification Component

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