Student Profile – Diane Morrell

Student Profile – Diane Morrell

Diane Morrell was motivated to take up skiing so that she could enjoy an activity with her son who started snowboarding lessons 15 years ago. She joined CADS and started skiing in the No Limits program at Searchmont Resort near Sault Ste. Marie in January 2009. Diane is now an avid skier and her son is a CADS instructor at her program.


Diane recalls her first day of skiing as being “pretty cool”. She remembers being a bit nervous but after getting into her sit ski with an assisted transfer, testing her balance, taking in some safety and steering rules, and getting towed up the hill via the poma lift, she began her first run down the hill. By the end of the season she was in love with downhill skiing.

In the beginning Diane used a bi-ski unit. Once she gained some confidence with balance and control she moved into her current ski, a Yetti mono ski. She describes the learning curve for downhill skiing as a gentle one that continues to grow for a really long time. Diane is most proud of her accomplishments in downhill skiing.


In March 2015 Diane joined over 100 other people at Mont Ste. Anne for her first CADS National Festival. She thought Festival sounded like fun and the timing finally worked out for her to be able to attend. Diane …”can’t say enough good things about Festival”. She describes it as well organized with plenty of activities and social opportunities with others skiers and instructors. She describes the advantage that Festival provides of being able to practice skiing for longer periods of time and on consecutive days. As part of larger group she also got to watch and learn from other skiers. When asked what her favourite CADS memory is so far, Diane replied with enthusiastically, “Festival!”. She says that her skills and confidence grew more in that one week than it did over the course of a couple of seasons.

Advice to New CADS Students

Diane’s advice to new CADS students is for them to be patient with themselves. She says that with practice, they will get better at their style of skiing. And more importantly, she suggests that they not be afraid of the cold! New students should check in with other skiers for tips on how to stay warm.

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