2017 CADS Ontario AGM & Volunteer Appreciation

2017 CADS Ontario AGM & Volunteer Appreciation

CADS members had another great season throughout Ontario Division. All programs ran at capacity, with waiting lists for all. (Clearly we need more resorts offering CADS programs, and more volunteers at each existing programs).

Our amazing volunteers also managed to service a number of special requests. Rob Timlin’s expedition is worthy of special mention and I encourage you to see further details on our website.

Jamie SpencerWe are especially proud of Ontario’s outstanding volunteer, Jamie Spencer, who received the Award, for his years of service. Jamie has taught, course conducted, served on boards and help a wide range of positions at Division and National level, while keeping up with his commitments to teach at his local hill. Jamie continues to devote more time to CADS than many who work a full time forty hour week!  Congrats to Jamie!

Volunteer appreciation is something we could never do enough of, but we continue to try. This year we opted for an alternative event at Dave & Busters, as snow conditions were not reliable enough for a ski day. A good time was had by those who came out, and we all appreciated having time to share experiences and stories from other programs. Volunteers attended from  Craigleith, Heights of Horseshoe, Horseshoe Valley, Snow Valley, Mansfield, Brimacombe, and Searchmont!

We would like to show appreciation for more of our volunteers and plan to have ski day next March. Heights has volunteered to host.

Your suggestions for volunteer appreciation would be welcome.

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